Jak's Secret Identity Revealed! Flares as fireworks, balogna wine, Sam's master plans, hiring actors off of craigslist,
Primitive technologies, Full Metal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, Fail Army death, Left/Right smear videos, Battle for Azeroth,
midnight game releases, Sam can't enjoy things, Canada is on fire, Sam's closet arsonism, cavemen thoughts, Cory's encounter
with a lunatic, giving BfA a score, bad tanks, Dead Cells, IGN's plagarized review, Sam bought a house, Shay's lovely painting,
not pink hairdryers cost more, electrical problems, Sam dealing with previous home owners, moving guilt trips, cut contnent,
beer delivery driver heroes, Coors commercial pitches, Pedro got deported, ICE, WHAT DID WE LEARN?

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