Alcoholics Enablers, Rockefeller Hearts, Buildings Named after People, The Twin Ports Excercise Ball Slasher, The Kool-Aid Man, Stealing Sam's Credit, The People vs. O.J. Simpson, Bill Cosby's Special Sauce, Russia Messing with the Election, Trump WAS Wiretapped, Choosing Teams, Shia Labeouf's Capture the Flag, Nier Automata, The Matrix MMO,
The Matrix Reboot, Japan's Oldest Porn Star Retires, New Zealand Transgender Sports, The Tricky Feminist/Transgender Conundrum, Sam's Nursing Story, Sam's Jesus Squad, Vegan Dies on Everest, Filthy Frank on Vegans, Sam's interactions with Children, Sam's Security Guard Story,  Sam plays footsie with Tom, The Graphic Designer, Terrible Designs, Our Generation's Problem with Working, Some Politics, Tuba Man, Dream Responsibly, Shakespeare, Sam doesn't know what Bourgeois means, and Sam Tries out for Improv.

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