You've been warned.

Wowee, we're back! Sorry to leave you alone so long. It's hard to publish podcast episodes from an oil rig in off the Atlantic coast.

Twice in one month? How lucky are you?!

In all seriousness this is the next episode in the real-world drama series known as The Talk Shoppe. In this powerful episode, Kate finally learns the true origins of her daughter's coma, and Max returns from basic training only to find Julia has disappeared. Meanwhile, Max's twin brother, Alsomax, plots to destroy the friendship Kate and Amanda have fostered since learning of his untimely "death".

I'm sure 2020 can't possibly get any worse! *Audible Sweating*

You want it, you got it! Here's another jumbo-tron sized episode of The Talk Shoppe to melt away those commuting hours! The boys return to the undisclosed recording location to discuss the best of the best for the 2010s. Will you agree with our lists? I hope not. I don't even agree with our lists.

Handy time codes:

Music - 00:11:51

Movies - 01:12:44

Television - 02:19:12

Video Games - 03:07:02

Disappointments - 04:37:46

Welcome back, one and all, to the Talk Shoppe Megasode! Join the boys as they stumble their way through the best of the best for 2019. I'm not going to lie to you, this Megasode is especially Megasode-ish, so prepare for tangents and incoherent babbling!

For the comprehensive guide to this year's Megasode, head on over to!

Welcome Back, Everybody! TO... Something new. The boys got together to try out Tom's home-brew TTRPG in this inaugural episode of Due West. Join us for some Old West shenanigans and stay for the mid game rule discussions!

In all seriousness, we're probably going to end up making more of these. HOWEVER, they will not be replacing the good ol' Talk Shoppe. Every now and again we'll drop an episode of Due West to continue whatever zany story is going on.

Let us know what you think!


Please direct your complaints to him.

In this whirlwind of an episode, the boys talk about all of the now surely dated Area 51 memes, dreams, ducks, people that come in right before close, and some more general annoyances of everyday living.

You know what it is, it's The Talk Shoppe™

Good morrow to thee, fine countrymen! Hast thou forgotten about I? I hopeth not, for we come unto you bearing a gift of most excellent value: a new episode from our comical troupe, huzzah!

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