Welcome back everybody, Cory still doesn't listen to the podcast, Sam is coming up on his 7 year renewal, tongue twister time, white people being too excited to hang out with minority friends, Sam pulls a Michael Scott, Sam explains that self deprecation is the key to comedy, the mats outside of the exits at the grocery store are too thick, there's a new DadPicker out (WATCH IT NOW), Tom's dad loves Beezwax from Vigilante 8, console rentals were a weird thing, Buying your kid a console means that you'll be buying every console until the end of time, we all have PS5s (and you don't), the silicon shortage could last up to two more years, the new God of War is going to be crossplay, Resident Evil VIII general chatter, talking 'bout Talk Shoppe Alum Jak, MLB The Show 2021 talk, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart coming soon (it's already out), Sam still plays Pokemon Go, COD Modern Warfare is still excellent, COD Black Ops Cold War wasn't very good, Into the Breach rocks, Sam is ahead of the curve, Returnal isn't very good, Sam loves Dungeons and Daddies, Teardown is pretty cool, Cory gives a run-down of Factorio, Cory loves Dyson Sphere Program, Bo Burnam's new special is like Apocalypse Now, The Talk Shoppe is not an avant garde podcast, what the hell happened to comedy, The times are a-changin', Master of None's latest season is absolute garbage, learning to laugh again, Sam reiterates his love for Dungeon and Daddies with an asterisk, everything sucks because everyone is too timid and intellectually dishonest, cancel culture sucks, no jokes without apologies, Crust in the Wind - Trapt - Shadow Work, what did we learn today?


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We're back (in full HD), Jak has graduated (or died?), that one passage from Steven King's "IT", leg warmers, the Stapp Report, "Creeds" over time as a measurement for radiation poisoning, the quarantine was the best thing to happen to us, quarantine's effect on developing children, the march of time continues on, Cory is finally starting to realize the wonders of lawn care, general lawn talk, Sam's army story about the safe, Tom's labor story about the TV, the couch saga, getting excited about adult things, either the dryer is too hot or Tom is just getting fat, COVID-19 relief bill starts UFO reveal countdown, tinfoil hat time: aliens edition, old government docs and programs are hilarious, more on UFOs (and blink-182's Tom Delonge), Hell talk, Left Behind: The Bible 2, GOTCHA! We talk about Mass Effect Legendary Edition for a long time, discussion about our DND plans, more DadPicker on the way, go watch Jak_Hollow on Twitch, new music segment, What Did We Learn Today? 


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Oh boy, it is that time again! Gather round the hearth and hear tale of the most blissful year of our times! There will be drinking and merriment the likes of which ye have never heard before.

You ever wonder why it is that kitchen garbage cans always fill up so fast, but then you take the bag out and there's still a ton of room in it?


Me too.

You've been warned.

Wowee, we're back! Sorry to leave you alone so long. It's hard to publish podcast episodes from an oil rig in off the Atlantic coast.

Twice in one month? How lucky are you?!

In all seriousness this is the next episode in the real-world drama series known as The Talk Shoppe. In this powerful episode, Kate finally learns the true origins of her daughter's coma, and Max returns from basic training only to find Julia has disappeared. Meanwhile, Max's twin brother, Alsomax, plots to destroy the friendship Kate and Amanda have fostered since learning of his untimely "death".

I'm sure 2020 can't possibly get any worse! *Audible Sweating*

You want it, you got it! Here's another jumbo-tron sized episode of The Talk Shoppe to melt away those commuting hours! The boys return to the undisclosed recording location to discuss the best of the best for the 2010s. Will you agree with our lists? I hope not. I don't even agree with our lists.

Handy time codes:

Music - 00:11:51

Movies - 01:12:44

Television - 02:19:12

Video Games - 03:07:02

Disappointments - 04:37:46

Welcome back, one and all, to the Talk Shoppe Megasode! Join the boys as they stumble their way through the best of the best for 2019. I'm not going to lie to you, this Megasode is especially Megasode-ish, so prepare for tangents and incoherent babbling!

For the comprehensive guide to this year's Megasode, head on over to thetalkshoppe.com!

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