We're all tired, Cory messed up his sleep schedule for the DOTA 2 International, Welcome Back Everybody, clicking is hard, minority report hand gesture UIs, Mission Impossible delayed, the new Bond movie, Cory watched Squid Game, congratulations Papa Jak, Tom's fight at a sushi restaurant story, people are going crazy, Tom's crazy/high person story, medical specialization, Jism the Movie, chatter about lame horror movies, the Dobson-ing Revisited, the Twitch hack, Tik Tok couple update, streaming isn't really for us, poop transplants, poop donors, Sam gasses out a gym, Cory is a Kwik Trip regular, how to make a "tasteful" zombie holocaust movie, talkin' Dick (Moby Dick that is), luck and success, Walking Dead is STILL going, Crust in the Wind - Shinedown Edition, a slight aside to bash Maroon 5, talking Warhammer 40K, what did we learn today?

A discussion on the finer points of racial slurs and Ambien, Welcome Back Everybody, the Talk Shoppe AI, blowing up a school bus if it cured cancer, stopping a runaway school bus with kids laying on the street, interruptions that should have been cut, Deathloop discussion II, Metal Gear Solid 3 remake/remaster rumors, MGS4 poop pants man and the family lineage, Death Stranding: The Director's Cut, Sam's tik tok famous acquaintance, a discussion on creativity and motivation and ego, newspaper comics have circled back to being hilarious again, general newspaper rant, Crust in the Wind - Static-X Edition, Cory and Tom see Lamb of God and Megadeth, seeing Ghost again soon (in a stadium), talkin' 'bout shows and stuff, Squid Game, turns out North Korea is real bad, Sam gets his booster shot, physical copies of games and greatest hits, Far Cry 6, no UFO disclosure in 2021 (at least not from the government), Snow Days may be dying, the Mario movie, what did we learn today?

Welcome back everybody, the NVidia Leak, Sony and Microsoft, thoughts on Japanese vs. American culture, China limiting time spent on video games for kids, yay or nay - NVidia leak edition, the Metallica Black List, Low's HEY WHAT release show, Crust in the Wind?, Cory's hospital audit story, hospital labor shortage woes, Sam's tongue depressor story, Sam's in the doghouse, Deathloop chatter, Sam wants an Xbox, PlayStation Showcase, open world games are not usually good, what did we learn today?

Welcome back everybody, time goes by too fast, school was almost entirely pointless, chocolate milk in bags and other school milk talk, upside downright thick, fast food is embarrassing, stranger interactions cut to the quick, telling stories, your parents were people too, Sam sees Paw Patrol: were our predictions correct?, making our parents suffer through kids movies, Psychonauts 2 is magnificent, PlayStation dropped the ball in 2021, the Ghost of Tsushima expansion is quite good, a look at new releases for the rest of the year, discussing Afghanistan and the War on Terror, college degrees and employer tests, it's been a good year for music, talkin' bout the Killers, we miss live shows, Bob Ross doc, Crust in the Wind - David Lynch Edition, comments on critics and media, Biden nodding off, Havana Syndrome, what did we learn today?

Welcome back everybody, Sam ran over some mating dragonflies, Mortal Kumbat, last episode was OUR LEAST DOWNLOADED EPISODE EVER, the time before the internet / having to pretend to know everything all the time, journalism standards are in the crapper, the US has pulled out of Afghanistan, Reddit witches attempt to hex the Taliban, criticizing the president: before and after, we are headed for the Library of Congress, cars are too gosh darn fast, song sequels always suck, trailers are awful, what's new in the theaters?, Paw Patrol memery, The Suicide Squad is good, Super Hero movies need to go away though, oh boy more Paw Patrol, Crust in the Wind: Nickelback Edition, Paw Patrol 2: Dickelbad, next time on Crust in the Wind: David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time, what did we learn today?

Welcome back everybody, going through some feedback, degenerates won't get vaccinated, vaccine talk, vaccine bounty hunting, Cory's guide to herd immunity, nurses don't want to get vaccinated, Sam pet a goat, if you get a vaccine you never have to mow your lawn again, Tom's the realest, Tom's vacation, Sam gave his 3DS to a child in need, labor shortage shenanigans, lockdown has melted Tom's brain, society is changing all around us and it's GREAT, The Talk Shoppe fixes education, Trevor from Whitest Kids U Know died :(, Cory got a new (old) car, CAR TALK ON THE TALK SHOPPE, very specific local discussion, Crust in the Wind - Saliva Edition, Doctor Who and general Sci-Fi talk, Psychonauts, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, What did we learn today?


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Welcome Back Everybody, MONSTER TRAIN SCREECHING, a way-too-long segment about Monster Train stats, Tom and Cory don't have jobs apparently, yet MORE Monster Train talk (are you noticing a trend yet?), Battlefield V is actually pretty fun, Battlefield Portal looks neat, Aldi has GPS locks on carts, the previous person in Sam's current role stole 2 shopping carts from a local grocery store, reprobits, ALDIs nuts, we do actually get feedback, Cory's work pro-tips, Crust in the Wind - Scott Stapp Edition, Foo Fighters are completely overrated, talking a lot about rating systems, Megasode planning chatter (yes we know it's July), What did we learn today? BONUS: Sam's Gun Story

Welcome Back Everybody, the 4th of July, fireworks are dangerous it turns out, "the real fireworks", there's a drought, the great mouse apocalypse in Australia, train crossing statistics are WILD, Reddit sucks, Sam bears witness to a blooming love story unfolding before his very eyes, the South Range guy, Bill Cosby walks, Mark Hoppus has cancer :(, Machine Gun Kelly's pop punk album, vidya game talk, Sam's headphones went wonky (sorry), Crust in the Wind - Chevelle Edition, some general chatter about concept albums, Sam's firefighter adventure, Ben Shapiro in slo-mo, what did we learn today?

Happy Juneteenth, lots of random holiday and Juneteenth mish-mashie shenanigans, it's hot at Cory's house, boring adult talk, guess what (more lawn talk), Mia Khalifa got married, let's all talk about video games (E3 edition), Tom pees everywhere, Sam got himself a brand spankin' new grill, Dexter is coming back for some god-forsaken reason, Vitamin D isn't a meme, Cory is now a cyclist, People who say "ex cetera" and not "et cetera", flag designs are lame, Sam's biker gang adventure, Crust in the Wind - Powerman 5000, Sam saw a high school production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dream-coat, Sam tunes his gay-dar, The story of Joseph is actually dank, What did we learn today?


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Welcome back everybody, Cory still doesn't listen to the podcast, Sam is coming up on his 7 year renewal, tongue twister time, white people being too excited to hang out with minority friends, Sam pulls a Michael Scott, Sam explains that self deprecation is the key to comedy, the mats outside of the exits at the grocery store are too thick, there's a new DadPicker out (WATCH IT NOW), Tom's dad loves Beezwax from Vigilante 8, console rentals were a weird thing, Buying your kid a console means that you'll be buying every console until the end of time, we all have PS5s (and you don't), the silicon shortage could last up to two more years, the new God of War is going to be crossplay, Resident Evil VIII general chatter, talking 'bout Talk Shoppe Alum Jak, MLB The Show 2021 talk, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart coming soon (it's already out), Sam still plays Pokemon Go, COD Modern Warfare is still excellent, COD Black Ops Cold War wasn't very good, Into the Breach rocks, Sam is ahead of the curve, Returnal isn't very good, Sam loves Dungeons and Daddies, Teardown is pretty cool, Cory gives a run-down of Factorio, Cory loves Dyson Sphere Program, Bo Burnam's new special is like Apocalypse Now, The Talk Shoppe is not an avant garde podcast, what the hell happened to comedy, The times are a-changin', Master of None's latest season is absolute garbage, learning to laugh again, Sam reiterates his love for Dungeon and Daddies with an asterisk, everything sucks because everyone is too timid and intellectually dishonest, cancel culture sucks, no jokes without apologies, Crust in the Wind - Trapt - Shadow Work, what did we learn today?


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